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Gansu - Wikipedia

Gansu (; alternately romanized as Kansu) is a landlocked province in Northwest China.Its capital and largest city is Lanzhou, in the southeast part of the province.. The seventh-largest administrative district by area at 453,700 square kilometres (175,200 sq mi), Gansu lies between the Tibetan and Loess plateaus and borders Mongolia (Govi-Altai Province), Inner Mongolia and Ningxia to

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Gansu - Economy | Britannica

Gansu - Gansu - Economy: Traditionally, Gansu has been an area of poverty. The frequency of earthquakes, droughts, and famines has contributed to the economic instability and low agricultural productivity of the region. Endowed with rich mineral resources, however, Gansu has been building itself into a vital industrial base to also utilize the resources of Qinghai to the south and the Xinjiang

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